Rookie Keselowski Wins It in Infamous Fashion

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It has taken several hours but I have finally managed to pull myself and my brain together enough to put together a coherent blog post about today’s race.

After only five starts in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and running for a part time single car team, Brad Keselowski won his first Cup race. It was in true underdog fashion with Brad pushing Carl to the lead, blowing by the drafting team of Ryan Newman in the 39 and Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the 88, that he found his way from mid-pack to second place. Keselowski had been running mid pack most of the day with a couple of stints in the top five. However, the last lap is the only lap that matters.

In what is sure to become an infamous move, Brad decided to go low to make the pass on Edwards. However, Edwards threw a block and Keselowski was just smart enough not to go below the double yellow line. This caused Edwards demise and, ultimately, a very frightening wreck. Debris from the crash, which you can view on’s video page, flew into the stands and injured 8 people. Thankfully no one was seriously injured.

I am pretty certain that this race will be one for the ages. As many of my friends, especially those on Twitter, know, I have become a big Brad Keselowski fan in the recent months. I have thoroughly enjoyed the day and receiving the happy messages from friends all day.

I just want to be clear- just because I am thrilled about Brad’s win, that does not take away from the utter fear I felt watching Carl’s accident. There was actually a point where I had to shut my eyes so not to be reminded of my own which was not quite as spectacular. It seems a lot of Brad’s fans are getting attacked and while I generally don’t care what people really think of me, I have to stick up for him

Brad did what he was supposed to do according to the NASCAR rules- he held his line and did not drop below the double yellow line. Carl doesn’t blame him. Brad doesn’t blame himself. NASCAR doesn’t blame him. So why should we? The next time you are in a position like Brad’s, then you can say whatever the heck you want but until then, leave the driving to the drivers.

Here is a quote from and Brad:

"I've got to apologize to Carl for wrecking him, but, man, the rule is you can't go below the yellow line," Keselowski said. "He blocked, and I wasn't going to go below. I don't want to wreck the guy, but you're forced in that situation. There was nothing else that I could do.

"We had a lot of fun [Sunday night]. Man, was that fun. This is NASCAR racing, and that was cool."

Congrats to Brad Keselowski, James Finch, and the entire 09 team on their well earned win!!!!

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