Who is your favorite sponsor on Twitter?

Posted by Genna | Posted in | Posted on 8/30/2010


A lot of NASCAR sponsors are on Twitter. Many of them are there for informational purposes while others are more interactive with the fans.

Who is your favorite NASCAR sponsor on Twitter? Why? Do you like the insider information? Do you like when they interact with fans more? Do you like contests? Pictures?

In a comment, post below who your favorite is and why!

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I Love Amp because I have won great NASCAR gear from them and also won free amp for them. I Also love how they have the Amp Chats everyweek with someone from the 88 team I really enjoy it.

I like @rudysbbq because of the fan interaction they provide and the contests they have are awesome!. Also, I go 20% off my order when I mentioned @bradccoleman!! WOOT #superfan

Also their twitter is @AMPEnergy

Coca-Cola, Office Depot, and Interstate Batteries are three that jump out at me as being very fan friendly and interactive.

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