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It started off looking hopeful for my guys and even for some other guys out there but seriously. What. Was. That.

You know it stopped raining an hour after the race was called? Stupidity. I probably sound really bitter and maybe I am but man…that just sucked.

I honestly haven’t felt THIS bitter about the outcome of a race since the 2007 Daytona 500. I personally found it to be a pretty stupid race. I tend to get accused of only saying that about races that my drivers don’t win but I can’t complain about Tony’s 8th place finish. I even said that Talladega was a stupid race and Tony won that one.

Daytona 2009 was just one stupid race. And I sure hope that Daytona isn’t a sign of things to come on 2009. Of course that’s what I said last year and look at the year my boys had. Sure I can’t totally complain about Biffle’s back to backs at NHIS and Dover and 3rd place overall finish in the Cup Standings. But just look at Tony. He finished 9th overall in the standings, one of his worst Cup points finishes since he began racing in cup, and had only one win and that at Talladega.

At least I have this much to say. Tony went out in style. He won one of the big ones at Dega and led a few laps at the season closing Ford 400 before a late race pit stop cost him the lead and therefore the race. All of this after a disappointing 3rd place finish at Daytona. Normally 3rd at Tona wouldn’t be disappointing but that last lap pass by Newman and Busch for the lead is what did him in. So close, yet so far.

But back to Daytona. If its any indication of how my guys will do this year, then it could be a real up and down year. Only one finished inside the top 10 today, with my other two Mark Martin (16th) and Greg Biffle (20th) barely finishing in the top 20. And lets not even bring up Newman’s luck this week.

As for the rest of the field, well that’s what made it such a stupid race. Junior’s obvious desperation to get back on the lead lap caused him to race Vickers far too hard too early on in a run bringing out the caution. Stupid move by Junior. That boy just ran out of patience and I can’t say I blame him, BV has been known to cause some pretty substantial race controversy (case in point being his first win at Talladega in the 2006 fall race). And Mr. Vickers was none to happy with his longtime rival, Dale Jr. after their on track scuffle which brought out the caution and took out more than 10 cars.

Who ever would have thought that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. would have been the one to cause the Big One at Daytona?

And then. There was. The rain.

In 50 years there was never a Daytona 500 that got rained out. It just had to be this, Mark Martin’s last year, that it happened.

It probably sounds like I’m not happy Matt won. I am. I love Matty! But to win that way it must really suck. To me a rained out race isn’t much of a win but hey, Matt broke that streak and it was nice to finally see the man show a little emotion!

And on another side of things, rumors are flying (especially after Katie Kenseth’s appearance in Victory Lane tonight) that she’s pregnant and according to a popular rumor site (which I’m sure any avid NASCAR fan knows about), she is now 5 months pregnant! So congrats to Matty K on your Daytona 380 win and on baby Kenseth to be! I wonder how Ross Kenseth feels about all of this?

If the rumors are true, I wish them and baby Kenseth to be all the best! And I can’t wait to see Matty going down pit road with his little new baby!
And hey, how about that AJ Almendinger in the Petty car today? Quite a finish for old Walldinger, huh? I bet Richard Petty is happier than Jack Roush tonight!

Anyway, I know I sound bitter and upset and I am. But its not been a good year. Thank you for reading all my silly rantyness.

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I didn't know that Dale Earnhardt, Jr cass some problems yesterday in the reace.

Is Jr. not getting as good eqpt at Hendricks as do Jeffy and Johnson, or could he be just not as good a driver as everyone thinks he is - and not nearly as good as his Dad?

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