Tony's Butt Fetish

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A few years back in what is now known as the NASCAR Nationwide series, someone captured a video of Tony Stewart making a interesting move on Kevin Harvick. And poor Kevin, he never saw it coming. I guess you have to be pretty comfortable with your manhood to pull this on Kevin Harvick.

And then there’s this. I’ll let the picture speak for itself, but no, Tony and Casey aren’t holding hands.

What happened during the Gatorade Duel edition of NASCAR Raceday didn’t help matters. During an on camera interview with racing legend, Bill Elliott, Tony walked right up behind him and smacked him on the butt.

I think, though, that this goes far beyond being secure in one’s manhood. It seems that Tony has a bit of a butt fetish. And apparently, men aren’t the only targets. Tony’s been rumored to have grabbed NASCAR pit reporter Wendy Venturini’s rear end as well.

Does he go too far?

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damn right he does that crazy bastard

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