Top Rivalries for 2009

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Top Rivalries for 2009

Its that time of year again, you know when you start doodling little hearts on your school notebooks and sticky notes at work and penciling the words Daytona, NASCAR, and the names of your favorite drivers in the center of them. Ironic isn’t it how Daytona falls the day after Valentine’s day this year?

Well I have a list of a few boys who won’t be passing out chocolates and cards to each other this year. I present to you my predictions for the top NASCAR driver rivalries of 2009.

1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kyle Busch. We know these two aren’t the best of friends and they don’t seem to want to patch things up either. I think that they’ll probably want to kill each other again this year. It’ll probably be on track scuffles though, I think that Shrub is probably a little too wimpy to get into a physical altercation with Dale Jr. and Junior is just too apathetic.

2. Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin. It was clear to see that even while teammates, their relationship was strained. Denny’s a hotheaded idiot and Tony’s not much better. Denny has been known to trash talk his stubborn teammate and Tony has never been known to take a verbal beating. I think I can safely assure you that now that they aren’t teammates, they won’t be so civil to one another.

3. Kevin Harvick and Carl Edwards. After their little confrontation in the garage after the fall race at Lowes Motor Speedway, the pair said they’d talked and patched things up but Kevin Harvick can hold a grudge. I really don’t think that they’re all nice and friendly now even though they may be forced to be civil to each other for the media.

4. Kasey Kahne and the security guy. That one will come back to haunt him, for sure.

Ok, so number 4 is kind of a joke but you get my drift. NASCAR drivers are full of energy and emotions, especially after a wreck and a lot of them don’t think it’s a good idea to sit back and cool down before confronting another driver. Not to mention lots of them don’t even review the videos before they go ahead and spout the blame all over the place. But if nothing else its pure entertainment for the fans.

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haha tony is a MAJOR hothead, denny may die a swift death. as for shrub and june, i dont see their being much between them anymore. And the security guy will whip out a taser gun on kasey

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