10 Companies and Drivers They Really Ought to Sponsor

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You, the people, have spoken, and I have answered. Here is what you wanted to see.


Rogaine3_enlarge 10. Rogaine and Kevin Harvick- 


Do I really need to elaborate?

waffle 9. Waffle House and Greg Biffle- Because, let’s face it, a Biffle sounds like something you’d order at a Waffle House.

slimfast 8. Slim Fast and Tony Stewart- I love Tony but the man seems to have an up and down relationship with weight loss.

aflac 7. Aflac and Joey Logano- Yes I know they’re Carl’s sponsor but the way this kid’s been smackin the wall, he’s gunna need that insurance.

trojan 6. Trojan Condoms and Casey Mears- Because as cute as she is, we don’t need another one of these: 

2008 NASCAR Texas

gillette 5. Gillette and these guys-

jimmie_hair brian_hair tony_hair elliott

ad__Invisalign-Logo 4. InvisAlign and Brad Keselowski- Now I like the kid, don’t get me wrong, but he’s got a severe overbite that makes it kind of hard to take him really seriously when he’s on TV.

bk 3. Burger King and Kasey Kahne- Because the boy needs to put on some weight.

Logo-coppertone-com 2. Coppertone Sunscreen and Clint Bowyer- Have you ever noticed that this man can’t spend 5 minutes in the sun without his face becoming totally red?

bandaid 1. Band-Aid and Jimmie Johnson- Ahh yeah, the man that surfs on golf carts and jams kitchen knives into his fingers. Way to go Jimmie. Way. To. Go.

*Thanks to Naomi for the Band-Aid suggestion*

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Maybe the lbs that Tony takes off he can give to Kasey.

LMFAO joey does need aflac and be nice to brad!!! he had braces already

Haha! I love it. Trojans for Casey is my favorite.

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