Operation “Wax Eyebrows”

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You all know who I’m talking about. He’s got a lot going for him in the looks department but those brows have GOT to go. For the most part it looks like he takes care of himself but those eyebrows look like they belong on the forehead of Groucho Marx. You would think with his supermodel wife that he’d at least be able to pluck or even wax those babies.


What’s even worse is lately, he’s been sporting this half assed beard that’s something in between rugged mountain man and bum.


Do you remember Kevin Harvick’s fundraiser “Operation Wax Smoke”? I propose we have an “Operation Wax Eyebrows”. I mean just think of the money we could raise for charity if we were to wax Jimmie Johnson’s eyebrows and shave that ridiculous scruff off his face.


Who’s with me? Well if you’re still undecided, allow me to introduce Exhibit A into evidence:



And Exhibit B:


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Haha! I'm with you on that. He definitely needs to tame those things. And while he's at it he needs to shave too. lol

imagine all the wigs we can make from those eyebrows!

I never noticed his eyebrows before, but geez, they are pretty bad. I agree, why hasn't the wife fixed them? The beard definately needs to go...

All I'll say is, you girls are vicious! :)

Remember when Jeffy had the uni-brow? Look at some of his early years in Cup - you'll see.

Must be something about the Hendricks team.

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