The Greatest NASCAR Commercials Ever, part 2!

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A lot of you probably remember the FedEx Fan Letter commercials with Denny Hamlin. Well this is probably the funniest one!

Toyota began running a campaign last year with the Track Tests. The Fan Controller commercial has got to be the best from 2008!

The Nextel campaigns were also pretty hilarious. I’m not a big Jeff Gordon fan at all so this one was especially funny to me! “Which Exit?”

Crazy old man.

Biffle, you’re the man!!!

Now this isn’t a funny one but its pretty awesome! Capture the flag!

This one is one of my faves! I love Jeremy Mayfield in commercials! Miss him a lot too.


Almost forgot this one! Hi, I’m Brian Roast Beef.

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crazy old man *giggles*

LOL you picked some good ones. I want the fan controller! @kenneytax

LMAO! Those were great! I'm Brian Roast Beef! Ha!

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