The Greatest NASCAR Commercials Ever, part 1!

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In the history of NASCAR there’s been lots of priceless commercials. I think a lot of fans actually look forward to seeing commercials now. They’re funny and witty and the drivers have really become better actors.

Whether its Mikey in the NAPA commercials, or Newman in the Gillette commercials, we love to see our favorite drivers doing or saying stupid, silly things.

I’ve actually heard people say that they’re tired of the commercialism in NASCAR *what is this, Christmas??* but I say ROCK ON COMMERCIALISM! And give us more hilarious commercials!!

So in no particular order and by only my opinion, I present to you the greatest NASCAR commercials……ever!

So Matt Kenseth’s face in this one is PRICELESS when he gets busted by Dale Jr. Well, what do you know, he does have a personality!


All I need to say is “I’m at the wrong track!” *Embedding disabled, please follow link*

Mikey's at the wrong track!

Tony Stewart has more to lose than just a coke in this race:


This next one is probably my all time favorite. Burger King Chicken Fries and the chicken on a pole! I could easily sit for a few hours and laugh hysterically at this one.


Come on, you knew I’d feature more than one Tony commercial, right? Hehe!


Well those are the first five. I didn’t want to overwhelm you. Stay tuned for the next part!

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