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Alright. I know you guys have gotten used to me and my funny posts (at least I think they’re funny) but I want to get serious here for a few.

I’m sure most, if not all, of my readers know that I am pretty much anti-Kyle Busch and anti-Jimmie Johnson. For the record, yes I do have a mad crush on Jimmie but his arrogance makes me angry.

In the past I’ve been accused of hating these guys because…they win too much? Now I am sorry but that is just ridiculous! For one thing, how can anyone hate someone that wins a lot? Also, how can anyone win too much? Sure, it gets old seeing the same face up in Victory Lane each week but that is negligible to me. For the most part. What bothers me is ungracious winners and sore losers!

A lot of people have been saying that Kyle’s matured this year since he’s been with Gibbs but I beg to differ. Did anyone happen to watch the Nationwide series opener at Daytona?

If you didn’t or if you did and don’t remember, here’s a recap.

Sure, I could be biased here but lets review shall we?

Tony raced him hard. He raced Kyle the way he should race him in the Cup series, but doesn’t. Needless to say, Kyle didn’t seem at all happy with the way Tony raced him that day but you know what? I doubt he’d have treated Tony any differently. That’s how it goes guys.

The worst part about this was, after a nice top five finish (Kyle got 4th), he pitched a fit, left his car parked in the grass and took off! Seriously, how old are you again?

And how about this one?

I don’t think I really need to elaborate on that one, Kyle Busch did everything in his power to make himself look like a royal dunce. Um. Hello? This is BRISTOL, Kyle. That’s how everyone races.

And there, my friends, I have presented you with two valid reasons to not like Kyle Busch.

As for winning too much? Hmm…lets look at stats:

Kyle Busch in 2008: 8 wins. I hate him

Carl Edwards in 2008: 9 wins. I don’t hate him. And no I don’t like Carl more because of what he did to Kyle at Bristol. I’m not much of a Carl fan at all, I just don’t hate him. I’m pretty much neutral to him (well unless he’s in a sleeveless shirt and I can see his sexy, sexy arms).


Jimmie Johnson. Well there’s a lot of things I haven’t forgiven this guy for but winning 3 championships in a row is hardly something to be upset over. I think this guy has to be one of the most ungracious winners I have ever seen. Its one thing to celebrate, its another to say “this is for all the haters”. And the day he said that is the day I became a hater.

I always say this, there’s only one thing worse than a sore loser- an ungracious winner!

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Hehe! Good reasons, but I can think of a few more. He is just too cocky for his own good. Hopefully this season, he'll be knocked down a few notches. Him not winning the Cup last year was priceless.

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