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Well I’m sure you all know the regulars, right? Without a doubt you know, Yahoo Sports,, and several other well known websites that cover NASCAR regularly, but what about the ones that aren’t so well known? I’ve found a number of fantastic NASCAR blogs and websites that don’t have a huge readership but are still really great. These people deserve to get more readership.

Now this isn’t only to promote readership to these sites and blogs, but also to help you, my readers, to find some places to catch up on your NASCAR. Sometimes these places may cover news and updates that you won’t hear or see anywhere else.

I sat down and compiled a list of my personal favorites and had some of my own readers send in their own favorites. This will be a continually updated list so please if you have any that you’d like to see added, let me know in the comments or on Twitter, @NASCARGirl14.

Websites: – Great NASCAR news site – News, photos – News, forums News, podcasts, pictures, Street team for NASCAR CWSW driver Moses Smith News, Twitter updates, fantasy racing for different series, this is a direct link to their NASCAR page. 
NASCAR Twitter Guide- Via Final Lap Radio, an extensive and great guide to NASCAR on Twitter. She’s a NASCAR/freelance writer and generally awesome.  A unique racing experience website.

The Biff Files – Believe it or not, this blog has little to do with Biffle but it is entertaining and helpful.
NASCAR Race Mom – Run by Z. Smith, mother of CWSW driver of the 16 HASA Toyota, Moses Smith. Great for NASCAR updates of all kinds.
Reality Racing USA – Help build a real NASCAR Sprint Cup racing team!
Dustin Long – NASCAR Writer, Dustin Long
Racing Fashionistas – These are the Racing Fashionistas. Great articles and oftentimes, very great interviews.
Restrictor Plated – Great NASCAR News blog. Creator is also the owner of a wonderful Twitter wiki.
Nuts and Bolts – NASCAR News blog with several different contributors.
LOL Drivers – NASCAR Macros, just for fun
LOL NASCAR – More NASCAR macros, not to be confused with LOL Drivers.
The NASCAR Files – NASCAR News
The NASCAR Insiders – A blog by insiders for outsiders.

I recently discovered this great resource. Its a directory of motorsports blogs, websites, and news sources. Please visit them:

Drivers- Camping World West series driver Moses Smith ASA Truck Champion Victor Pfluger

UPDATE 5/31- I am proud to add in our new affiliate, She is a “say it like it is” NASCAR blogger and I am proud to be affiliated with her. Please check out her website.

Again, if you have any to add, please do so by posting a comment, sending me an @ reply on twitter, or shooting me an e-mail.

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Genna, thanks for adding us to your list!! Megan

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