Robby Gordon: Innovating or Cheating?

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NASCAR  Sprint Cup Series Aarons 499 Apr 26 So it seems a popular topic of discussion is NASCAR’s penalties to the 7 team of Robby Gordon. Apparently Robby was caught with an illegal rear axle housing and was docked 50 points and his crew chief fined $50,000 and placed on probation until December 31st. This is a blow to the one car team that finished 3rd in Monday’s rain delayed race.

One has to wonder was this really a case of cheating or was the team trying something out that didn’t work for them?

On another note, what really is cheating in NASCAR? Back when, everyone used to cheat. Or was it innovate? Even before the rule book was written (in pencil), there were many grey areas in NASCAR and things have changed dramatically. The governing bodies issued templates for just about everything. Its any wonder to me that the drivers themselves don’t have to be a certain weight.

So what really is considered cheating? I mean, everyone wants to get that advantage over the other guys, this is why they work on the cars during pit stops and pay engineers to give them an edge. Its a thin line between cheating and innovating.

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