A name which will live in Infamy: Billy Bad Butt

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In case you missed it, which its likely you did, there was an interesting off track incident between Tony Stewart and David Reutimann. The conversation itself wasn’t really all that bad. In fact, it appeared that Tony and David were having a very civil conversation. Everything appeared civil until Tony began walking away, that is.

That’s when Billy Bad Butt (Real name: Dwayne Bigger) decided to step in and take matters into his own hands.

Oh sure, it was all fun and games until I got online and I saw this:


Yeah. He has a blog now. And t-shirts. Its fascinating what people can market these days!

Love him or hate him, you have got to hand it to Billy Big Butt, he’s accidentally stumbled upon a goldmine!

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I love Billy Bad Butt - I need him on my team!

THAT was hysterical! The 'Legend of Billy Bad Butt' is born!

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