Sponsorship troubles taking their toll on Victor Pfluger, but he remains optimistic

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Victor Plfuger is only 18 years old and he’s been racing longer than I’ve had my license. He’s one of the best there is, having won the ASA Speed Truck Championship in 2007. He’s also been ranked 5th among 36 drivers from all over the country in the 2009 Local Track category on the influential DavidSmithMotorsports.com scouting report. And yet, he hasn’t even been able to find a sponsor for 2009.

So what gives? Blame it on the economy or what have you but this young man is loaded with talent and deserves a chance to race. I got the opportunity to ask him a few questions which he was gracious to answer and replied in a prompt manner.

truck2 Victor has raced just about everything under the sun.

“I started racing when I was 10. I am 18 now. I have raced karts, dwarfs, speedtrucks, late models, and Camping world cars,” he told me in an e-mail. He also finished high school early to pursue his dream of racing.

“I finished school at age 16 to better further my career and started taking college classes online. I am going for a degree in fluid engineering.”

It is definitely a smart move to have that to fall back on if racing doesn’t work out. In the current economy, things have been rough on everyone. Even race car drivers. Victor has unsuccessfully been searching for a new sponsor for a while now.

“Its tough. It really does get discouraging sometimes that no one other than my parents is willing to take a chance on me,” he says but he remains optimistic. “At the same time you have to keep your head up to look forward. So that’s exactly what I do, get up everyday and do the best I can to help forward my career. I have to believe that something will work out in my favor.”

Finding work and sponsorship has become increasingly difficult for everyone. Victor says its been harder lately than it was before to find sponsorship.

“Its definitely harder to find sponsors now than it was before. This economy is hurting everyone,” he says. But it isn’t just the smaller race teams.

“Even the top teams are having a hard time finding money right now. So I feel a little bit better when I think about that fact.”

He has an amazing attitude toward his current situation, especially for someone so young. Still, for anyone, its a tough and uncertain situation. Still Victor believes that things will work out.

“I have to believe something will happen in my favor. I have a backup plan but I am no where near ready to give up on my dream. However I am a realist and realize that time is working against me. The way I see it is if I do the best I can everyday to help myself, then eventually someone will take the chance on me.”

Still, he hasn’t been sitting idle all this time. He’s filled his time with other things and kept himself in racer mode.

“I have been keeping my time filled with improving and getting my race equipment in top shape so that if the call comes in to go racing we are ready. We just recently took delivery of our new ASA Late Model so I have been getting it race ready.”

Things haven’t always been this dull for Victor though, in 2007 he won the ASA Speed Truck Championship.

“It was completely amazing. I couldn’t believe it. We won that championship in the last race of the season in the last half of the race. So to have a whole season come down to that one race was really intense. Handling the attention was not very difficult. Its a lot easier to deal with everything when you win. Its a lot harder to answer after a loss, but you take the good with the bad and on the bad days you remember the good. You just have to smile no matter what.”

He certainly speaks with a voice well beyond his 18 years. It sounds like he has had some great people to learn from too. With heroes like Carl Edwards and Ron Hornaday, it is easy to see why.

“I try to take the good traits of a few great drivers and put them to my own use. Carl Edwards is great and keeping his equipment in good shape until the end of the race. I try to do the same and have won a few races using that tactic.”

He has definitely learned from, and raced with, some of the best like Ron Hornaday.

“Ron Hornaday can drive any car no matter what handling problems he may have he drives thru them. A good driver can change his driving style, line, etc. to make his car do what he wants.”

Victor raced against Hornaday in Tucson in 2008 and beat him in an epic battle. He definitely had something to prove that night and he did it in style.

At the same time, Victor has not forgotten where he came from and how he got to where he is.

“My heroes off the track are my parents because of what they have sacrificed to keep me on the track,” he says, and they have sacrificed a lot.

“My parents have given up everything to keep me on the track. I personally have to dedicate almost every minute of my time to racing or doing school online.”

Even at a young age, he has all the right stuff to make it: talent, class, and a true appreciation for the people that have helped make it happen for him. He also has faith in himself.

“No matter what your dream is you can never give up on it or yourself. You have to believe with every fiber of your being that you will make it where you want to go.”


If you would like to view the video of Victor’s race against Ron Hornaday, you may do so here.

I would like to thank Victor for taking the time to grant me this interview. He has been very gracious and patient with me while I prepared it! You can visit his website online at VictorPfluger.com and his twitter account is @VictorPfluger.

I also have to thank Victor’s PR girl, Becca Gladden. She’s been so patient with me and has helped me to get this all written up. Thanks Becca! She can be found online at BeccaGladden.com and on twitter @nscrwriter

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