NASCAR Top 12 in Points Arranged by Attractiveness

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Now I realize this is superficial, fangirlish, and a little on the obsessive side but I like to have fun when I write. These are also based solely on my own opinion. If you don’t like it, well honestly, I don’t care.

12. Kurt Busch – Now I don’t know how anyone can find this face attractive. I mean his ears stick out, his cheeks look make him look like a little packrat. Ever seen him when its raining? Then he’s a drowned packrat.



11. Denny Hamlin – Only two words can describe this picture: deranged psychopath. Sexy. Or not. Sometimes, he has this element of ugly cuteness but then others he looks like…well this:



10. Mark Martin – Ok, so he’s one of the greatest drivers of all time. Definitely one of my faves. I adore him but let’s face it, pointy nose, wrinkly skin, and that icky 50 year old 6 pack he’s got. It’s just kinda gross.



9. Brian Vickers – The dude looks like a leprechaun. Pointy ears, goofy grin and all. He’s sweet and soft spoken but the guy’s attractiveness level has just plummeted since his Garnier days in 2006. Can we please have Gillette Brian back? Kthnx.



8. Carl Edwards – I’m so going to get shanked for this but I don’t care. My blog, my opinions. I just don’t find this man all that good looking! He honestly looks like he could use some braces. And I say that with the greatest respect. I’ll give him this. He has very pretty eyes.



7. Jeff Gordon – Pretty eyes, nice facial features and looks downright sexy when he poses for Halston ads but he has NO LIPS. Just look!



6. Juan Pablo Montoya – Cute, short, angry little Hispanic man. Need I say more?



5. Kasey Kahne – He’s so precious and sweet, like a little China doll! Sometimes I wonder what a guy that’s so pretty is doing driving race cars! He could be a Backstreet Boy or a model.



4. Ryan Newman – Sure he’s a little chubby and one of his nicknames is No-Neck Newman, but he’s got the sweetest little smile! And his eyes dance when he laughs. He has a great personality and sense of humor. What’s not to love?



3. Greg Biffle – He may not be the most photogenic guy on the circuit, but he sure is good looking. With pretty, sparkling blue-grey eyes and a killer smile, the few photos of him that come out looking good are so worth it.

And could we lay aside the braces jokes for a few moments?

2008 Sprint Cup Series Talladega


2. Jimmie Johnson – Except for a brief period of time where he grew out his beard and then proceeded to let several children all under the age of 10 shave his head, this man is one of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen. He really could use a brow wax though. Just sayin’.

Of course he cracks me up with his antics. I think if he hadn’t pissed me off in 2006 when he won the Daytona 500, I’d probably be a big fan.



1. Tony Stewart – Sexiest man in the Chase. And as you can see, it isn’t just looks I am going by here. A great personality also helps. I don’t care if he’s chubby, I kinda like them on the chubby side. Tony has chocolate brown eyes that could melt the polar ice caps and is basically one of the funniest men ever. Even if he is inclined to grab men’s behinds.


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I was gonna rate the Sexiness of the US Women's Beach Volleyball Team, but I kept getting distracted and never typed it. Good job on finishing ;D

Oh Genna!

Kurt got his ears pinned back and now they are better than before but I do agree they stick out.

Mark - Jenn and I call him 'Ol Crazy Eyes.

Jimmie - Man i really don't like him but seriously I almost attacked him last year at Indy when had longer hair.

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